Jason Buck Boyer, Front-End Web Developer

I make clean, accessible websites.

I have been doing freelance and full-time web development and design since 2008. A family member needed a website, so I bought a book, took a class, and have been learning ever since.

I am currently the team lead for the global front-end development team at Ancestry where I’ve lead the front-end efforts of implementing responsive web design, standardizing cross-team web components, and defining the company’s accessibility requirements.

Full-time work is wonderful, but selectively-chosen freelance projects continue to stretch my creativity.

I code for fun.

Trying out random ideas on the web is one of my favorite things. These ideas come to me from work, browsing the web, and right before falling asleep.

I don’t recall how I came up with this idea, but to date, it is one of my favorites. CSS-only animated eyeballs? Why not, right?

This idea was completed in pure HTML & CSS—no JS. I previously hadn’t used many 3D transforms, so this was good practice with that. It also ended up being a good application of CSS calc()—which is extremely useful. I have yet to find a practical application for such a project, but it sure was fun to make!

I’ve had excellent career experiences.

Front-End Web Developer & Team Lead

Ancestry 2012 to Today

  • Lead the company-wide effort to incorporate responsive web development best practices
  • Worked closely with product management and user-experience departments to identify, create, and document standardized design patterns and globally shared jQuery plugins
  • Researched and implemented various accessibility enhancements including proper use of semantic markup and correct application of ARIA attributes

Front-End Web Developer & Scrummaster

Self Health Network 2011 to 2012

  • Revamped company development process to include local, testing, staging, and live environments
  • Was a constant driving force for implementing Agile-based changes such as daily scrum meetings, weekly roadmaps, incremental improvements, and pair programming
  • Converted PSDs into cross-browser compatible, interactive websites

Front-End Web Developer

MyExpertSolution 2010 to 2011

  • Restructured and optimized XHTML and CSS of the company site to follow W3C web standards
  • Assisted in the design of all user interface elements pushing for simplicity and standards
  • Bridged the gap between back-end engineers and creative designers

Graduated Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University August 2010

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Technology & Engineering Education
  • Attended on Academic Scholarships: GPA 3.93

Freelance Web Designer & Developer

JasonBuckBoyer.com 2008 to 2018

  • Designed and programmed dozens of sites for small to medium sized companies creating custom Wordpress themes as well as hand-coded PHP MVC frameworks
  • Worked one-on-one with clients making their general ideas into solid products
  • Created wireframes and mockups for sophisticated e-learning and online fitness programs
  • Implemented onsite SEO strategies such as internal link building, keyword-based naming conventions, relevant title tags, 301 redirects, and site map usage

My Tool Kit

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS / jQuery
  • Site Planning
  • Adobe Suite
  • Agile Practices
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • SEO
  • Git
  • Sketch

...and I’m open to freelance.

www.JasonBuckBoyer.com | Lehi, Utah 84043
Lehi, Utah 84043